Arroyo Bridge is located just four minutes from the world famous Spirit Rock Meditation Center in the luscious hills of Lagunitas-Forest Knolls in Northern California.

Minutes from world class hiking trails, Bodega Bay, state parks, and 5 star restaurants, Arroyo Bridge is your safe space to drop in to your own internal landscape, release all that has been holding you back, tune in to deep wisdom, get clarity for your life moving forward, and to access elevated vision for where you're headed.

We bridge diverse cultures and traditions to expand your capacity to heal and make a positive impact in the world.

We offer private retreats, one-on-one ceremonies and group ceremonies to thought leaders, innovators, and those who want to create a legacy in their life and their business.

If you're ready to create a positive and lasting impact, and looking for guidance from Source (all that is greater than us that wishes us well) without dogmas or religion, WELCOME HOME.

Amanda Elo'Esh, MA
Spiritual Success Mentor & Sacred Medicine Guide

Amanda holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology & Expressive Arts Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies with Certification in Integrative Medicine from California Pacific Medical Center & The Institute for Health & Healing. She is founder and visionary of Arroyo Bridge, and the Church of Living Wisdom.


Amanda has studied with shamans and indigenous wisdom keepers from many traditions, including deep work with Ayahuasca, Huachumita, Cannabis, and Cacao since 2003 and has been encouraged and supported by her teachers to share her unique and eclectic wisdom, gifts, and medicine with our community.

Amanda has spent 30 + years studying and researching the subconscious mind, including teaching and speaking about her research all over the world, including OZORA Psychedelic Festival in Hungary, Auroville, India, Prana Festival in New Zealand, Esalen, Google, and California Institute of Integral Studies.


She is an ordained priestess, minister and founder of the Church of Living Wisdom, Master Shipibo Shaman and shamanic sound healer. She holds 20 + years helping a wide range of clients heal from cancer, PTSD, grief & loss, career challenges, relationship challenges & loss, insomnia, chronic pain, and low self-esteem.

Amanda has been mentoring people one-on-one and in groups since 2003.

Author of "Unlock Your Success Code," “Go Ask Alice Oracle & Tea Party Game,” & forthcoming author of “Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping: Pleasure Rituals for Better Living the Beauty Way”


Studied with: Barbara Marx Hubbard, Vice Presidential candidate, author and founder of Agents of Conscious Evolution. Martin Prechtel, author, speaker and teacher (Bolad’s Kitchen & Flowering Mountain). George Gray Eagle Bertlestein, Medicine man, spiritual leader, author of "Clear & Simple Prayer," and counselor (Medicine Path Native American Church). Ariel Spilsbury, founder of 13 Moon Mystery School & author of "13 Moon Oracle" & "Mayan Oracle." Tata Erick Gonzalez, Shaman and Wisdom Keeper (Earth People’s United).


"I recognize and acknowledge that the lineages that have adopted me and gifted me with their wisdom are, for the most part, not a part of my human ancestral lineage. I respect and honor the beliefs of those who do not support a non-indigenous person offering these sacred medicines, and I am called to follow the guidance of Source, who has shown me that this is my undeniable path.


These initiations have been offered freely and generously to heal the dis-ease of the modern western mind and bridge the gap between different cultures, traditions, and beliefs. It is a great honor that I do not take lightly and I give great thanks to all those who sacrificed and came before me to offer these master plant allies in a good way. It is my mission to hold these medicines with respect and to birth new ceremonial healing practices necessary for the evolution and shift of colonial-dominated paradigms." ~ Amanda Elo'Esh, MA

500 Terry Francois St., San Francisco, C94158

Tel: 123-456-7890, info@mysite.com

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