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Creating Safe & Sacred Space for our Diverse Community to Heal, Learn & Grow Together . . .



Just 4 minutes from Spirit Rock in pristine Northern California, Arroyo Bridge is your safe space to explore your inner landscape, heal your trauma, and find home within yourself. Our community bridges many traditions and brings together unique people, practices, ceremonies, medicines, and magic to help you step into your messy, wild, divine, and imperfect self with love, compassion, trust, and deep inner peace.

We offer sacred medicine ceremonies to all who come in a good way, with a humble prayer for help from everything that is greater than us that wishes us well.

You are invited to come and receive help in accessing unimaginable joy with our traditionally educated, initiated, and trained ceremony facilitators.

We are located in a beautiful private retreat space in the Forest Knolls-Lagunitas region of Northern California, just minutes from the world famous Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

YOU MUST RECEIVE AN INVITATION TO ATTEND OUR PRIVATE CEREMONIES [Please scroll down and submit your request to receive invitations]

All who come in a good way are welcome, and for your safety and protection, we offer our ceremonies to members of our community only. What is required to be a member of our community? Join our mailing list so we can invite you and then . . . SHOW UP prepared, willing and able to follow our agreements to offer our ceremonies in a safe and sacred way. That's it. 

We can't wait to sit in circle with you!


To create safe and sacred spaces and experiences for our diverse community to heal, learn, and grow together.


500 Terry Francois St., San Francisco, C94158

Tel: 123-456-7890,

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Please feel free to contact Amanda Elo'Esh, founder and visionary of Arroyo Bridge & the Church of Living Wisdom

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